Precision Ball Bearings

2017/2018 Edition

The brandnew catalogue will be published in April 2019 on the occasion of the Hanover Trade Fair.

Our main catalogue has grown in the past 20 years from initially a few pages to more than 200 pages today. Here you find a comprehensive, technical information section, everything about our precision products and the corresponding accessories as well as your direct point of contact – always ready to hand as a PDF-file.

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SBN Image Brochure


SBN Image Brochure

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High Precision Longitudinal Guides and Roller Gear Tables

Precision longitudinal guides and roller gear tables are used in various sectors and applications of the semi-conductor industry, in medical engineering, in measurement technology or in industry automation. Depending on the application, the required specifications can, however, differ considerably. SBN offers, in conformity with the specific requirements, numerous longitudinal guides and roller gear tables for your individual needs.

Precision Miniature angular contact bearing

The increasing miniaturization in the various areas of application with consistently increasing demands for loading capacity, precision, reliability and service life requires a diversity of possible bearings.

You will find the corresponding precision solutions in our special brochure!