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Our IT partner - CHSM GmbH

Customer requirements are no longer always simple and straightforward. The customer is looking for individually matched and multi-dimensional solutions. No-one knows this better than CHSM GmbH.

By tradition, the company focuses on the needs of its clients: since the company was founded in 2008, the IT experts in the Saarland federal state have seen themselves consistently as a service provider - uncomplicated, comprehensive customer service is a self-evident principle. "Everything from a single source" is a philosophy not just in words but in actions. The company has also made a name for itself well beyond the boundaries of the Saarland federal state: customers from right across the region of South West Germany and from Luxembourg have come to value the excellent full service in expertise and solutions.

There are numerous customers in industry, the aftermarket and service companies who benefit from the wide offering of CHSM GmbH. In the increasingly complex requirements of modern technology, the different pillars that make up the corporate whole of CHSM match together perfectly: the IT specialists in Losheim provide all services relating to EDP. From hardware, software, server or network installations and data security to the appropriate firewall. Each individual requirement receives unrestricted attention - to solve every particular customer problem. Just give it a try!