About us - SBN Wälzlager


Mission Statement of SBN

We see ourselves as a specialist and niche providers in the bearing business. We want to solve the problems of our clients competently and creatively with high quality solutions. Only then it will be possible to develop a long-term partnership with our active and potential customers and build appropriate confidence.

It is our goal to identify and understand the needs of our customers. All SBN-employees have to solve the task and the goal of these requirements with great commitment and appropriate care. Criticism and complaints we understand as an opportunity to improve performance.

The scale for the assessment of our performance is the customer. This is documented in our org. The customer is actually our real employer.

Organizational chart of SBN Wälzlager GmbH

All SBN employees are the foundation of our success. According to their performance, they are fair compensated. We attach great importance to the further development of their skills. We train our junior staff ourselves and make corresponding internships available. We know that - due to the demographic development - the staff work is of great importance in the coming years, so that our company will be safe in the future.

Our social commitment is based on an appropriate trust.

Towards our customers, suppliers and authorities, we act fair and in accordance with commercial practice. We work in compliance with legal and regulatory conditions.

Generating profits is not only our goal but we also use them specifically to secure the independence and the continuing growth of our company. In addition, not only securing the jobs of our workforce is of great importance for us, but we also consider ourselves responsible to create new training positions.

The values we show to the outside world are also those of our internal performance. Therefore, there is only one company appearance.

Environmental protection as a corporate objective - what does this mean for us?

For our environment, we take responsibility. Our environmental management system promotes an understanding of the integrity of creation. In doing this we contribute to a better future for the generations after us.

The entire company building is energy-technically powered self-sufficiently and totally without any emissions. Solar cells and heat exchangers produce a large part of the required power, the ice-storage-heating converts water into ice and harnesses the energy released with a heat pump.

Both in the three-story office building and in the warehouse there is an underfloor heating; the monitored housing space ventilation changes the air every hour.

The outdoor facilities are completely irrigated by using rainwater collected in a cistern.

When designing the outdoor facilities, native trees and flowering plants were chosen offering the insects, especially bees, sufficient nutrition.

Caring for the environment is so integrated into all business areas.

We are convinced that our company's continuity and success are ensured by an active environmental management.