Precision Track Rollers

The advantages at SBN:


  1. High radial load capacity: Due to the thick-walled outer ring they are suitable for high radial loads and can reduce deformations as well as bending stresses.
  2. Accommodation of tilting moments: Double-row track rollers withstand higher tilting moments better than single-row track rollers.
  3. A long operating life: Thanks to its convex outer ring  surface, they can also be used where the tilting of the outer ring in relation to the mating track is expected and edge stresses should be reduced to a minimum level.
  4. High rotation speeds are possible.

New in our program:  Stainless Precision Polyurethane Rollers


Polyurethane rollers are high-precision, stainless miniature ball bearings with an encapsulated polyurethane sheathing on the outer ring for sophisticated applications. They are implemented for demanding applications in which high-level precision, low vibration and volume are required. 

The heat-sealed polyurethane rubber coating (hardness: HS90°) is directly connected with the outer ring and has a precisely grounded surface.

  • Suitable for operating temperatures from -30°C up to 70°C.
  • Special sizes and other material designs are available upon request.
Precision Miniature (Track) Rollerslieferbar in einreihig und zweireihig, mit oder ohne Profil. Available in single-row or double-row with or without (a) profile. Vertriebsmitarbeiter kontaktieren
Precision Miniature (Stud Type) RollersRostfreie Zapfenlaufrollen ermöglichen eine einfache Montage in Baueinheiten. Stainless (stud type) rollers enable an simple/easy installation in assembly units. Vertriebsmitarbeiter kontaktieren
Precision Profile (Track) RollersMiniatur-Profillaufrollen werden vorzugsweise als Laufrolle in Verbindung mit Welle oder kreisförmiger Gegenlauffläche eingesetzt The miniature profile (track) rollers are preferably used as (track) rollers in compliance with counter surfaces in wave/shaft or circular forms. Vertriebsmitarbeiter kontaktieren
Precision Miniature Cam RollersRostfreie Kurvenrollen mit Rollenzapfen und Befestigungsgewinde. Die Miniatur-Kurvenrollen sind kleine Einheiten, die auf 2 Miniaturkugellager basieren. Stainless cam rollers with stud type rollers and mounting/fixing/fastening threads. The miniature cam rollers are small units, based/build on two miniature ball bearings. Vertriebsmitarbeiter kontaktieren
Precision Polyurethane RollersDie wärmeversiegelte Polyurethan-Gummierung (Härte: HS90°±3°) ist direkt mit dem Außenring verbunden und hat eine präzise geschliffene Oberfläche. The heat-sealed polyurethane rubber coating (hardness: HS90°±3°) is directly connected with the outer ring and has a precisely smoothed/polished/grounded surface. Vertriebsmitarbeiter kontaktieren
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