Longitudinal Guides and Frictionless Tables

In the semiconductor industry, medical technology, measurement technology or industrial automation: Precision longitudinal guides and frictionless tables are used in many different industries and applications. However, depending on the application, the required specifications may differ significantly. To comply with respective requirements, SBN offers numerous longitudinal guides and frictionless tables for your individual needs.

New in our Program: Micro Frictionless Tables

The increasing miniaturization in the various fields of application, with a simultaneous increase in demands on the load capacity, precision, reliability and service life requires a variety of potential guides and positioning.

Our partner PM is an independent, family-owned company with a 50 year tradition of producing high-precision and reliable linear guides and frictionless tables. Over the years, PM has become an innovation leader in linear and cross rollers technology. The complex and high-precision (mechatronic) positioning systems and motion platforms are developed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Find a wide range of standard products in the catalog or here. We will be glad to send you a printed copy. For individual solutions, please speak with our specialists.

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