Computer-assisted selection of the most suitable lubricant


The Fact is...

A roller bearing can only reach the calculated nominal service life if an appropriate lubricant has been selected previously.  Even today, 80% of all premature bearing failures still lead back to inadequate lubrication. Unfortunately, there is not just the one universal lubricant that fulfills the requirements of all application scenarios. In summary, different framework conditions demand different lubricants.


The Challenge:

With a few thousand lubricating greases available today, we are not faced with the problem that there are not any adequate lubricants. Rather, it is very difficult, very time-consuming and expensive to select the right lubricant for own applications. The cost aspect should by all means not be neglected.


The Solution:

At SBN we assist you in selecting the right lubricant. With our own developed algorithm and the implementation into our own software, we are able to quickly and reliably find among all available lubricant greases the most suitable one for your application. We also take, among other things, systematically into accout the following: wear and friction behavior, environmental factors such as humidity, pressure, temperature and radiation, the desired smoothness and of course, the aspect of cost.

Alongside these requirements, our software naturally also includes special industry-specific requirements, such as those of the food industry.





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